By implementing The Virtual Seller within your sales force, you will have the following benefits:

  • Your team will be better equipped than 98% of the sales force of your competitors
  • Three months of sales with the Virtual Seller will equal three years spent in traditional business development
  • You will have more time to focus on the most profitable accounts and creating meaningful and long lasting business relationships
  • You can monitor the sales efforts of each of your representatives in real time
  • You will be informed before anyone else about all the major news on your customers, your prospects and your competitors
  • The virtual value of your business will increase significantly
  • Your career progression will speed up

Virtual Seller


Our Recipe

Our recipe for success with the VIRTUAL SELLER is built on our strategic implementation of various technologies: social media, content curation and sharing platforms, intuitive and efficient mobile CRM, invoicing and accounts receivable applications, interactive presentation tools. Our science lies in the strategic integration of all these tools in order to create a streamlined administrative process so that our clients spend less time typing to focus on building their sales pipeline.

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