Our International Team

Our international team consists of senior professionals with high-level strategic expertise. Each of our experts brings a unique value to our programs, and they have all tailored their knowledge and experience to the specific needs of our clients.

Martin Deslauriers


Holder of an MBA and a third-generation entrepreneur, Martin has over 25 years of experience in the business world. As the president of several companies, he has been a proponent of 'Social Selling' since 2003. He has worked on the methodology to offer all the benefits of an effective strategy in a comprehensive 'turnkey' program that requires minimal effort from the client. The resulting program is called 'The Virtual Seller,' and it has led Martin to share his expertise worldwide.

Alain Germain

Canada Partner

Alain Germain is a renowned expert in implementing digital projects across various sectors. His listening skills and empathy enable him to effectively guide partners and clients in their digital transformation. With his wealth of experience and wisdom, he plays a crucial role in enhancing the sales performance of businesses.

Jean-Yves Bellaclas

Partner France

It's a series of challenges and encounters that have allowed Jean-Yves to become a mountaineer, Himalayan climber, military man, entrepreneur, and, for the past 20 years, a specialist in innovation and organizational turnaround. He holds two Masters from the universities of Paris La Sorbonne and Arts et Métiers. He has worked as a sales director for major Building industry companies of European and American origins.

Eric Dansereau

Partner Netherlands

Eric Dansereau, Partner Netherlands - As a visionary leader, I have a proven track record of successfully driving business transformations through innovative technological solutions. My expertise lies in accelerating the achievement of measurable and tangible results, and my in-depth knowledge of technology, data science, and computer science allows me to be a hands-on manager who fosters creativity and innovation within my teams.

Our Technical and Operational Team

These are just a few examples from our team of talented and experienced experts. Each member of our team brings a unique wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing us to provide high-quality programs perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Our technical and operational team is strategically distributed in key locations around the world, including Canada, France, India, and Benin. This international presence enables us to provide high-quality services and local expertise to our clients in various countries.

In particular, our team of programmers based in India has been an essential component of our organization for 15 years now. Their commitment and expertise have contributed to the success of many complex technology projects. We are proud to emphasize that our direct relationship with our team in India, without any intermediaries, enables us to maintain smooth communication and ensure efficient execution timelines.

This global structure allows us to provide our clients with access to a talented and diverse workforce, as well as flexibility to meet the specific needs of each project. Regardless of the location of our teams, we work closely together to deliver cutting-edge technical solutions and ensure the success of our clients worldwide.