The firm

Globalization, and the various technological innovations associated with the Internet have transformed Canadian small – medium sized enterprises (SME). At Transition Conseils our objective is to maintain and increase the profitability of your SME.  Change management and strategic planning are our greatest strengths. Using the latest Web Tools and the professional Social Media Network, we have developed a specialized approach to increasing the values of your business. Transition Conseils is not a consulting firm, we are a diverse team of results-oriented business people. Our objective is to boost the profitability of your SME, and in so doing, to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship.
To achieve a long-lasting and mutually profitable relationship with our clients, through fulfillment of key roles in navigating an ever-changing business environment.

In recent years, the world has undergone technological innovations and demographic shifts that have sent the international business community into a tailspin!  These changes are constant and show no sign of abating.  Nowhere is this truer than in Quebec and Canada.

The biggest challenge to our continued economic prosperity will be in how we transfer knowledge and expertise between generations of business people. No field will be able to neglect this challenge, because both private and public sectors will be affected.  It is therefore crucial that we achieve a higher level of inter-generational cooperation

Current studies predict that 66% of those employed in upper level management of Canadian SMEs will be entering retirement age over the next ten years.

The importance of knowledge transfer thus becomes a high priority in order to maximize our efficiency goals. At Transition Conseils, we believe that the implementation of effective Web tools and social networks is essential in meeting these challenges.  This is why we have developed what we believe are the most versatile and easy to use knowledge transfer tools available on the market! 



The Team


Martin Deslauriers

Martin Deslauriers, Partnerlogo-linkedinlogo-mail
Mr. Deslauriers has been involved in various business projects since the age of 16. By the age of 27, he was the co-owner of a firm that successfully negotiated contracts with over 25 major clients. A third generation entrepreneur, he has 22 years of experience in business planning, along with a passion for ICT that knows no end!  Mr. Deslauriers’ reputation as a top-notch promoter has enabled him to build a vast and impressive network of business contacts and associates.






Carlo Blanchard

Carlo Blanchard, Golf Business Developmentlogo-linkedinlogo-mail
Professionnel et analyste de golf au Réseau des Sports, il vous invite à rendre l’utile à l’agréable et de prendre le temps de bien connaître sa nouvelle relation d’affaires, sur un terrain de golf.


Linda Giard

Linda Giard, Virtual Market Developmentlogo-linkedinlogo-mail
Depuis plus de  10 ans, elle a développé son expertise dans la coordination et la planification de plans marketing et publicitaires. Elle est passionnée du développement des affaires et s’assure d’apporter une valeur ajoutée à son réseau.


Matthieu Esteve

Matthieu Esteve, E-Learning specialist, Europelogo-linkedinlogo-mail
Spécialiste du e-learning, Matthieu a conçu et modélisé des solutions de formation variées et a développé une très bonne connaissance des approches e-learning novatrices. Son objectif est d’utiliser les meilleurs outils et les meilleures approches de formation au moment le plus adéquat. Cela permet de fournir des solutions adaptées à tous types de contextes et d’objectifs, depuis l’apprentissage des fondamentaux jusqu’à l’application des compétences sur le terrain.


Senguttuvan gv

Senguttuvan gv, MBA Web Solutions, Indelogo-mail
Entrepreneur  web, il a développé une très bonne connaissance des besoins des PME nord-américaines. Son objectif est d’offrir une vision externe aux solutions web offertes au Canada.