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Every week, I meet lots of businesses and salespeople who want to improve their sales performance using social media. I appreciate how hard it is to know exactly which steps to take. There’s a lot of hype around sales and social selling but I can tell you this: when you’re mindful in your approach, things get a whole lot easier.

Fueling the confusion around sales and social selling is the assumption that social media is outside the sales process. The sooner you marry the two, the better your chances are of improving sales.

Customers don’t buy silently.

It’s a fact that consumers socialize before, during and after the purchase journey. The only thing new about that is the mediums they use.

I was a guest on the #MindfulSocial Twitter chat recently (check it out Tuesdays at 10am Pacific). We chatted about the ways mindful sales and social selling techniques improve relationships with customers.

Great sales people notice things.

They constantly gather information and are mindful of how they can further serve their customers. Such knowledge makes selling easier and increases the percentage of prospects that become customers.

If mindfulness sounds foreign to you, think about it in contrast to mindlessness, where one interacts or responds without thinking.

Examples of mindless sales behavior:

  • Going through the motions of a standard sales pitch
  • Doing a demo or presentation without knowing your customers’ needs and desires
  • Applying the same sales tactics every time because they worked on a few. 

Examples of mindless social selling:

  • Interrupting strangers with offers instead of engaging with people who actually want to hear from you
  • Blog posts that focus on the sale instead of the customer
  • Connecting mindlessly with anyone who will accept your invitation, instead of identifying who you would like to meet and/or how you can ask for a referral

People note when you’re mindfully present and the side effect is greater trust.

Automatic thinking has its place but businesses and their salespeople on continual auto pilot rarely get any further than a first call or meeting. Mindful sellers are fully engaged. They see more, hear more, feel more, think more, know more, and apply their knowledge in a purposeful manner.

Mindful Sales and Social Selling

Focus on your customers’ need to buy, not your need to sell.

  • Mindfulness gives us the capacity to focus clearly on things that matter; it enhances our listening ability.
  • Mindfulness brings a heightened sense of awareness. Things slow down and you’re able to sense things more quickly and more clearly.
  • Mindfulness allows you to consider all parties in the transaction, not just yourself.

Set Intentions

It’s crucial to know what you want in order to achieve it. Creating the results you desire starts with considered intentions.

  • Write down the ideal outcomes you wish to have
  • Understand the customers’ process
  • Begin each day consciously and monitor your thoughts throughout the day

It’s super easy to get caught up in daily life and revert to negative thinking. Counteract this by focusing on your intentions every night and every morning. Say them out loud; write them down every night before bed.

Our world is full of noise and negativity. Intentions are sometimes difficult to define. Knowing and understanding your customers’ process will help clear your path. Ask yourself these questions:

  • “How can I serve?”
  • “How can make each encounter a win for all involved?”
  • “What can I do to create a lasting, positive impact?”
  • “How do I want to feel at the end of the day?”

Authenticity and integrity are the new currency

The best way to convert new buyers is to help them first. Mindful content strategy centers on the needs of the customer. Develop a plan to answer your customers’ questions when and where they ask them.

Mindful sales and social selling means you’re focused, conscious and aware of what customers need and appreciate. Send your prospects FAQ videos and eBooks compiled from your blog posts. Answer their questions before you even meet to increase your closing percentage.

The mindful approach to reach target customers

1. Identify who you want to reach instead of blasting unwanted messages to everyone. Mass-messaging = Spam = Untrustworthy

2. Create and publish relevant, holistic content that target customers search for and appreciate.

3. Be perceived as one who always provides value in relationships.

4. Engage your network and community. Develop a referral mindset.

5. Ask for the sale.

“Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Mindful sales and social selling may be too foreign or uncomfortable for you at this point. But each time I meet salespeople and business owners their frustration with sales and social media is evident. There’s no need to stay stuck. What one step can you take today that will improve your chances of success?

Ref: Kruse Control Inc.